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SMS Tracking can allow businesses to know how many SMS have been sent to the desired target group. SMS2PRO has a method for tracking the number of Tracking SMS sent to the recipient or target group. that is full of efficiency and will be reported Various details such as

• Number of SMS sent
• Number of successfully sent SMS
• Number of SMS that were unsuccessfully sent

In addition to SMS Tracker like Tracking2Pro, you can now track the number of SMS sent to recipients or target groups. You can also track the number of recipients who open and read the SMS because the Tracking SMS service by SMS2PRO has a report on the number of Target group that opens and reads SMS that businesses have sent which will show various details as follows

• Number of SMS read
• Time the SMS was opened and read
• The recipient's phone number is read.
• Type of recipient's device that is being read

SMS Tracking allows businesses to track how many website visits come from SMS. It is counted when the recipient opens and reads the SMS and clicks on the website link attached to it. text and can import data from reports That has been used to develop and expand efficiency in increasing the number of website visits via SMS, which SMS Tracker will show the following details:

• Number of website visits
• Most clicked links
• Link click time
• Phone number of the recipient who clicked the link
• The operating system of the recipient's device that clicks on the link.

SMS Tracking can increase reach Business website pages can be made effective by attaching website links along with the message, which is considered to be stimulating to target recipients. of businesses are more likely to click on the attached link and enter. and of course, SMS2PRO will have a report on the number of visitors to the website. That comes from sending detailed SMS. to make business The information obtained can be used to develop plans for further action.

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