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The SMS API package is a service for sending SMS through the system.
APP that allows businesses to connect their back-end systems to SMS2PRO's SMS sending service.
easily Plus it can make your business deliver.
SMS Online is immediate and to the point.
where businesses can choose the SMS format
that you want to send SMS AP1 in the format
Marketing or OTP or attaching a link to the message can also be done.

Enhance your marketing efforts to another level with SMS Tracking or Tracking2Pro SMS sending service.
Cheap price that can deliver results that can be used or Continuing with the planning of marketing strategies or complete business processes.
Due to SMS Tracking service or
SMS2PRO's Tracking2Pro
Able to measure campaigns and show various results
in detail by clicking the link. Such as the number of link clicks, the channel where the link was clicked, the total number of links clicked. or the number of clicks on each number's link, etc.

A novel marketing tool that effectively promotes sales in target areas, expanding the customer base without the need for listing phone numbers.

Enhance customer security and build trust in your business effortlessly with SMS OTP, or One-time Password service. This service sends a 4 or 6-digit code to a designated phone number to authenticate users for transactions or logins on websites or applications. SMS OTP by SMS2PRO makes online transactions more secure and boosts confidence in using your business to the next level.

SMS Marketing by SMS2PRO offers cost-effective access to target groups through short text messages (SMS) sent via mobile phones. This is considered a highly significant tool for reaching customers in today's era, where practically everyone uses their phones regularly. SMS Marketing enables businesses to efficiently communicate news, promotions, discounts, various activities, and new services to customers.

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