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Cookie Policy and Additional Information

Cookies, Pixels, and IP addresses
Fundamental Knowledge and Comprehension
Cookie Policy and Additional Information

      The company gathers specific information through technology, including cookies, pixels, IP addresses, and storage on users' browsers and devices. Additionally, we utilize third-party data collection tools, such as marketing service providers, for data collection and analysis.

      Cookies, for example, are small text data files that are stored on a user's computer, mobile phone, or other devices. They allow us to understand which services or products are of interest to users and which are not.

      Pixels, on the other hand, are small images embedded in web pages, often used in conjunction with cookies. They serve various functions, including helping us measure website traffic. When combined with cookies, pixels can track a user's engagement with different parts of the screen or monitor.

      This technology enables us to remember website visitors, analyze the number and purpose of people using the website, and enhance the overall user experience on our websites and applications. It also aids in improving service quality and delivering tailored services, special offers, products, activities, or advertisements that align with user behavior and interests.

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SMS2PRO has received certification from government agencies such as the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to operate as a Short Message Service (SMS) provider in Thailand.
National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission
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