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Best Bulk SMS Services in Thailand

SMS Services: SMS Marketing SMS OTP and Location-Based Marketing

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SMS Marketing and SMS OTP
SMS API Integration with Back Office
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API SMS Services

Our SMS Services

We provide the best SMS services, which respond to the needs of all business types. SMS2PRO will help businesses enhance their marketing strategies and grow steadily in this era where technology is constantly evolving. With SMS2PRO's services, customers will be more engaged with your brand.


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SMS Marketing - A powerful marketing implement with affordable price


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SMS OTP helps secure your business with two-factor authentication

Location-Based Marketing

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Location-Based Service - A new marketing channel that helps businesses to effectively execute sale promotions in targeted areas


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2WAYS SMS - Way to enhance interaction with business and the customers

Help You Get Closer to Your Customers
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Cloud SMS Gateway System

Cloud SMS Gateway System

This helps business to reach their prospects anytime and anywhere. With the phone number validation tool, you can send bulk text messages to customers in one click.
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Highlight of SMS2PRO

24/7 support team


Excellent after-sales service always ready to guide you

Connect to all networks


Our system is directly connected to all networkproviders(AIS,TRUE,DTAC)

real-time reporting


The system provide real time reports on messaging results

User Friendly platform


Send your messages via both Website and API with simple steps

Secured system

Stability Guarded

Secured for all applications with SSL encryption and 99% Uptime guarantee.


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SMS service Standard
NBTC Authorized Certification
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Is the use of SMS services reliable? because there must be a payment before entering the service as well?

EXP SYSTEM company has been providing SMS services since 2019 under the brand name “SMS2PRO”. Our company is a software house which offers website and mobile application development services. Our company identity can be verified through credible websites, which can assure our credibility. Moreover, at present, there are many enterprises using our SMS services.

What is the cost of using SMS service?

The service fee is based on the number of SMS ordered, which starts at only 0.25 baht per SMS (you can check the price from the Pricing rate table), there will be no additional cost, such as an initial fee or an annual fee, or any more.

Is the use of SMS services reliable? because there must be a payment before entering the service as well?If I'm not good at computers, can I use it?

The company has after-sales service If you have problems using our services, you can reach us through this number +662-114-8318 or Line ID: @Sms2pro 24/7 hours. We will be very happy to assist you with any problems reagarding our services.

If there is a problem after using it, how to fix it?

The company has after-sales service that will take care of the system you are using. And give advice anytime you use it if you don't understand or have problems using it. can notify the company Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at telephone number seal K.Pear : (+66)80-223-2024 , K.Tangmo : (+66)83-949-2624 , K.Por : (+66)92-182-4206 .

How many characters can be typed in 1 SMS communication?

International standard. Sending one Thai SMS (Credit) is 70 characters or 160 characters in English or two languages ​​will be counted as all Thai messages. and our system will calculate that How many messages are used? For example, if you type 161 characters in English, the system will calculate your credit sms as 2 credits or 2 messages immediately.

Can you send a single message with a lot of content?

Our system can handle long messages. The recipient can read long messages. continuously Don't waste time opening and reading messages multiple times.

To send the same message to multiple phone numbers How does the system work?

We have a phonebook function that can save one number at a time. Or save by importing files with multiple numbers at a time or sending a file message. Our system can send messages up to 100,000 numbers at a time in no more than 3 minutes.

Can I issue a receipt or withhold tax?

Able to issue a receipt or withhold tax, it must be a purchase of SMS service for corporate customers only. (Conditions refer to the service rate) Able to withhold tax at source of 3% and send withholding tax documents to the company. As for the company will send a receipt to the customer according to the procedure.

Can you specify the sender's name as well?

Customers can request an unlimited number of sender names, applicable to all package. Customers can specify the sender name in English up to 11 characters or 10 numbers.

Can I send messages to foreign countries? And in Thailand, which network can I send to mobile phones?

Can send to all networks, whether AIS Dtac Truemove Truemove-H, but can also send within the country only.
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