SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing: How to choose the right one for your business?

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Today's market competition is getting higher and higher. So that the business continues to grow and be profitable therefore new and strong strategies are a tool to reach your target and keep customers.

This article will explain in detail between SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing. Which marketing strategies  can reach customers directly and the difference between the both.

SMS vs Email

Comparison of 5 Key Points SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

First, let's compare 5 important aspects that affect marketing. Between SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing, which one stands out? It will be analyse from 5 important points as follows:


  • Open Rate

At this point, SMS has a huge advantage which has a high open rate of 98%, while email is only about 20%.  Combined with the fact that most people do not turn off SMS notifications, they are more likely to be seen.

With relatively short text size of the  messages that can be easily seen through notification. If the first sentence that customers see is enough to attract them, the SMS sent will definitely have a chance to be opened and read.

*SMS Open Rate reference: SlickText

**Reference Email Open Rate: Hubspot


  •  Delivery (Deliverability)

In terms of sending SMS, it still has an advantage as well, since it doesn't require internet access. It can send messages to almost 100% of the target as long as it's in an area with a signal.

While emails are more than 50% that have a chance to go to folder spam and never be read again. (Refer to statistics from CampaignMonitor)


  • Click through rate

The SMS click rate is around 19%, which is quite high. With the number of messages that are short and concise, if the message or link sent is what they are really interested in. Makes it easy for them to click on the link.

While Email is at 3.2%, is average but this number may be a result of  relatively small Open Rate. As a result, the click rate is reduced as well.

*Reference: ManyChat


  • Customization

In this section, email wins overwhelmingly because it can be customised and sent relatively freely. Customising has the ability to attach various files whether it's an image, video or document file, it can be done.


  • Price (Cost)

SMS Marketing will have a much lower cost, only 0.18 baht per message (refer to SMS2PRO), but it comes with less text volume than email and limited customization.


SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing, which one should I choose?

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing many people may think that these two formats are competing because they are similar in many parts, but actually both of these have a pattern and different usage contexts.  Adapting between the two will enhance your marketing strategy very well.


Let's see how SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing should be used. And what type of business will be the most efficient?


Effective SMS Marketing Techniques

With a high open rate but limited volume of messages delivered, SMS Marketing is ideal for B2C businesses. It focuses on using short, concise, easy-to-understand messages to spread promotions, encourage repurchases, or maintain customer base.


At times when you go into the mall, there is usually an SMS that says, “Shop X,XXX baht at XXXX shop, get free gifts. with a chance to win XXXX”, which is an SMS shooting through a Location-Based Marketing strategy that sends a message when the target is within a given location.

Overall, SMS Marketing is suitable for any type of B2C business.

  • Brands that want to maintain their customer base and boost sales
  • Services that want to increase revisit opportunities such as beauty institutes, barber shops, nail salons
  • Mall or storefronts who want to increase the chance of revisit and drive sales


Effective Email Marketing Techniques

Not everyone reads email every day, so using Email Marketing has a very specific target audience, such as working people or corporate executives which read emails on a regular basis.


Email can deliver messages more than SMS, including attachments of files and media, and custom looks quite independent. Therefore, it is suitable for businesses that need to show a lot of product details, such as B2B businesses and High Involvement Product (products that require high consideration).

  • Industrial machinery hire purchase business
  • Loans such as home loans, business loans
  • Life insurance, accident insurance or group insurance for companies


Even though the email has a low open rate, there is a chance that the person who reads the email will be the customer who is really interested in the product. Therefore, it is suitable for B2B and High Involvement Product types, which products tend to have high prices. Even with a small number of buyers, they can make huge profits per sale.


For those who are interested in the SMS Marketing platform. That's all for SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing, which everyone should be able to see the difference and be useful for your use.


For anyone looking for an SMS Marketing platform or various SMS solutions for their own business. (Starting at 0.18 baht per message only) You can ask for details. More at

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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