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There are a variety of methods for online marketing that are commonly used today. So which method will be used to be successful? One of the methods that we would like to recommend you to do is SMS Marketing. Many businesses may not know that currently there is a platform for sending SMS to multiple numbers at the same time and still able to reach customers quickly. Let's get to know more about this SMS service.


What is an SMS service?

SMS Marketing, also known as SMS MKT for short, is a form of marketing that sends multiple b numbers at the same time to target customers. The messages sent out are usually to inform the news of that business. Reminder of appointments, promotions, happy birthday messages, marketing campaigns or upcoming events. When a customer receives an SMS, if the SMS matches the recipient's interest they tend to click on the product or service on the website and follow the link attached to the SMS message to explore the product or even place your order or service immediately.  Another way for using SMS is also for gaining customers  information via the contact channels that are attached in the SMS message. Sending  SMS has a huge impact on the decision of the customer because when they see the SMS that are interesting and useful to them they tend to become interested in using the service.


Where can I use the SMS service?

If you want to use SMS service to send to your target effectively, it is recommended to choose SMS2PRO. We have a fully featured, fast, instant messaging service provider  that you can try the service for free first. It is the most secure service and can raise the level of confidence for users. Most importantly, there is no need to make any contractual obligations. Chances of entering the global trade and expanding new customers based with the system called location based service will increase more market and sales.

It is a user-friendly service system and has real-time SMS reporting, allowing you to track SMS marketing campaigns accurately and timely manner. This service has 24 hours customer service to assist you along the way if you have any issues or questions via Line:@ SMS2PRO. Try instant messaging for free now!!  Choosing a service will not disappoint you.


What kind of SMS sending service does SMS2PRO provide?

SMS2PRO. What kind of SMS service does this website have? Wouldn't you like to know? 

Let's find out.


1.Location-Based Marketing: SMS sending service to expand target customers in designated areas

For providing SMS services in this form, it is called. Location-Based Marketing. It is a marketing tool to expand a new customer base in a designated area, mainly targeting crowded shopping centers and venues.

This is a very popular SMS marketing channel because it can reach the target group of customers and target  the sales area precisely. The user does not need to have a list of the customer's phone numbers to use this service. 

You can also choose the types of your desired  audience to target at them, such as gender, age range, area of ​​residence, interests, etc. It is a precise service. Easy to access and most importantly the network operators are accurate with location sensing when sending out the SMS. SMS2PRO is a direct partner with Network Operators like True, AIS, and DTAC.


2.SMS Marketing: Sending SMS for marketing for businesses that have a list of customers phone numbers in hand.

This form of SMS service is an unlimited service for all types of customers ,whether it's  for business groups or not, we service for all. We provide SMS services to the people who want to send birthday invitations, greetings and notifications for important days. In addition, our SMS sending is a real-time delivery that can be sent 24 hours a day with no limit  along with the speed of delivery so that you won't have any problems. You can trust the service of SMS2PRO.


3.Sending SMS OTP for identity verification

Let's finish off with the service of sending messages to verify your identity. In order to maintain the security of customer data. This form of SMS service is also known as SMS OTP service, is a service to send SMS that is a code or a number for  verifying identity. Keeping information is for the safety of our customers, which our service is considered safe, reliable and available 24 hours a day


Using an SMS service is one way to help you a lot. So let's choose using the service with SMS2PRO. Here are all the services. at the lowest price I guarantee that will not disappoint you.


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