Introducing sms marketing tools for penetrating target groups with low cost.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Although at present we will have many advertising marketing channels in particular, one of the marketing activities that every business would like to enter the most is online marketing through various platforms or websites, which creates a high level of competition. This causes competition in the marketing industry in which marketers of each company's campaigns  must have a strong strategy to make their own marketing to reach as many customers as possible. and receive returns effectively as set goals.


The trick is to do a wide range of  multiple marketing aspects at the same time, and one of the marketing methods is related to mobile phones.

Introducing sms marketing  to send messages to customers is also another way of  offering promotions, new product offerings, presentations, discount periods during festivals or even wishing customers a happy birthday to make the customer to be cared for by the brand with this type of marketing. This type of method still works well in the present era.

If you are looking for more reasons to support SMS marketing, in this article we have brought some interesting facts and information to present.

  1. SMS marketing increase reading rate 98%

According to the survey, SMS message open rate is 98%, 90% of messages are read within 3 seconds, so if you want your message to reach customers, SMS marketing is another interesting marketing and delivery. SMS is also a great way to receive feedback from your customers quickly.


  1. SMS Marketing helps your customers gain friendships with you.

Another advantage for text messages, is that it helps you build a personal relationship with your customers. SMS messaging gives an up close and personal feeling for customers, which makes them feel privileged. 


  1. SMS Marketing is convenient and makes customers' lives easier.

Mobile communication will make life easier for customers. Using a mobile device It's easier to reply to a message than using a web chat or composing an email.


  1. SMS Marketing to reach more customers in less time

Average Call Duration, or ACD, is the key performance metrics for call centres. The duration of the call is important and communication via SMS is short and straightforward.

Your phone uses a protocol called Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) to communicate with your carrier's gateway. SMPP is used to send and receive messages to and from GSM, UMTS, iDEN, CDMA, and TDMA mobile phones. This TCP/IP Level 7 protocol allows  fast SMS messaging. Once you send an SMS, it travels over radio waves and sends messages to customers. The telecom operator will send the message to the terminal device. It works the same for incoming numbers or VMN (virtual mobile phone numbers).


What is SMS Marketing software?

SMS Marketing service sms marketing software is a great messaging tool for business. Professionals use SMS marketing tools to automatically build connections with customers. By creating a list of contacts you want to send SMS and schedule messages to be sent. Sending messages accordingly and  Analyse response/link click rates and generate reports to bring actual data for business owners to further analyse them to create their next marketing plan.


SMS marketing may be the software that is suitable for your marketing.


Businesses using SMS marketing software are able to send faster messaging by using the information to assess and engage with customers.  SMS marketing tools will help you manage your business by scheduling messages and sending messages to all types of mobile devices and analyse the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns


In summary, SMS is a popular marketing channel and anyone can send SMS to any mobile number. Therefore, this channel is another channel that is suitable for additional marketing along with making further advances in the market in other areas. 

If you are interested in service providers who are ready to assist, there is a professional consulting team. We recommend  SMS service company sms2pro, which is an experienced company in Marketing via SMS since 2019 and guarantee the best sms OTP service.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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