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The Company may collect certain information through technologies such as Cookies, Pixels, IP Addresses, and Storage on Users' browsers and devices. This includes third party data collection tools such as marketing or analytics service providers. To collect information using this type of technology directly on the website. A cookie (Cookie) is a small text data file that collects information on a computer. Mobile phone or other device of the user Cookies let the company know about your favorite services or products. Including services that are not in your interest. Pixels are small images. It's part of the code on a web page. which perform various functions such as making the server Another can measure the amount of traffic to a website. and is often used in connection with cookies. The code will be tracked when Downloading pixels to indicate the user is connected to a particular monitor or part of a monitor. With cookies and pixels, the company will remember users visiting the website. Understand the number and purpose of website users and help the company reduce information services. Improve website access experience and application, improve service quality, provide services, privileges, products and activities Or not in line with your behavior and interests.

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