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To become the leader of SMS gateway providers in Thailand before 2025

Responsibility to employees

Our company’s first priority is creating job opportunities to sustain one’s life and contributing to the society . Providing job opportunities, meanwhile maintaining employees work-life balance is our foundational responsibility. We also focus on our employees safety and well-being by providing employees a secured and hygiene working condition that is free from all discrimination forms. Moreover, we encourage employees to have their own motive and our company are opened to different voice and perspective. We emphasis employees’ self-consciousness , which we aim that will generate high productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Responsibility to customers

Our commitments to customers is a fairly and consistently operated business. We value our customers by providing satisfactory, credible and qualified services at a reasonable price. Including transparency to public and accomplish our business commitment. We focus on developing a close connection with our customers and so we keep up with changes in consumer trends to develop our services for meeting the customers’ expectations.

Responsibilities to suppliers

We value a fair and honest working condition with our suppliers. With our obligation to make sure that our business are operating legally and ethically. We strictly follow the agreements we have made with suppliers. Moreover, building a good relationship with suppliers also play an important role in our responsibilities.

Responsibility to social environment

SMS2PRO is operated by EXP System Co., Ltd, a software company. SMS2PRO does not produce any physical product that directly causes damage to the environment. However, our operation still has a negative impact on the environment under carbon dioxide emissions. As EXP System is a software company, we required electricity to run our businesses, therefore, our operation may emits a certain amount of carbon dioxide which is harmful to the environment. We are aware of taking the responsibility for the damages caused by our operation and value sustainability for the globe.
       We intend to work towards reducing our internal emissions. We start by minimizing our office carbon generation by following these policies:
Switching off air conditioners for 3 hours every day (Day shift for 1 hour, afternoon shift for 1 hour, night shift for 1 hour)
Switching off air conditioners if the outside temperature is under 27 degrees
Setting all air conditioners temperatures to not lower than 25 degrees
Encouraging our employees to reduce the use of paper
Switching off the lights and equipments when not in use
Switching from plastic lunch boxes to reusable cutlery

Service Standard SMS

NBTC Authorized Certification
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