What is Bulk SMS? How is Bulk SMS important for marketing?

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

SMS Marketing is an alternative marketing tool to increase sales, reach targeted customers and build relationships. 

For anyone interested in this form of marketing you may have heard of the term Bulk SMS.

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What is Bulk SMS? How important is it to marketing?

Bulk SMS is a service that sends a large number of SMS at once to a specific target. It is one of the marketing strategies that can reach the target directly. Similar to Email Marketing, the difference is that sending in SMS makes it easier to reach your goals.


Advantages of doing Bulk SMS

  • There is a chance that the target will see and open to read messages very high
  • Messages are delivered quickly to the target audience.
  • Only a phone signal is used for delivering SMS 
  • Having low cost
  • Having a variety of applications. 
  • The more you buy, the lower the cost.
  • Able to customize different messages to reach each group of customers.


Cost of making Bulk SMS

The lowest cost of Bulk SMS is 0.18 baht per message. (Referring to the price from SMS2PRO's pricing), the cost of making Bulk SMS, the more you buy, the cheaper it is.


Tips for using Bulk SMS effectively.

Bulk SMS can reach customers well, but if you choose the right target will make your SMS Marketing strategy even more effective. The techniques for using Bulk SMS that we recommend are as follows:


Apply Bulk SMS with CRM

  • Bulk SMS is very effective in integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), especially in the later funnels to attract old customers or members wanting to come back to use the service again, such as
  • Send Bulk SMS to notify promotions. For example, return to the service within XX days, and get a 15% discount.
  • Distribute discount codes via Bulk SMS for use in eCommerce such as Shopee or Lazada.
  • Send Bulk SMS to wish you a happy birthday and give away a discount code when using the service in your birthday month.
5 รูปประกอบไอโฟน 3 เครื่อง

5 รูปประกอบไอโฟน 3 เครื่อง

Bulk SMS in Location-Based Marketing

When you are out and about, many people are still alert to the notifications that happen on their smartphones. So when an SMS is sent there is a very high chance that people will see it.

The Location-Based Marketing strategy via Bulk SMS is sending SMS to targets when they are in a given area. It is also very effective.

Even the SMS messages sent are quite short, but sweeping through the eyes can clearly understand the message that we want to convey, for example:


Apply for membership at XX Department Store today, receive a free Gift Voucher worth 300 baht and receive X2 points. Read the privileges of the membership card at www.xxshoppingmall.com/membership


Or it can be used to distribute various promotions as well. It is very suitable for a shopping centre or shops in a crowded area.


Which businesses are suitable for Bulk SMS?

It can be seen that Bulk SMS is suitable for notification of various promotions and discount codes to attract customers to come back to use the service. The business that is suitable for Bulk SMS is therefore B2C type.

  • Services that want to increase the chance of revisits, such as beauty services, salons or nail paints
  • Shopping centres and department stores that want to increase the chance of revisiting or increasing sales
  • Brands that want to maintain their customer base and boost sales


SMS2PRO Bulk SMS service starting at only 0.18 baht

Now everyone should understand what Bulk SMS is for anyone who is looking for a platform to do SMS Marketing or various SMS solutions for their own business. Our rates Start at 0.18 baht per message only.

 You can contact us below to request details 

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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