What is the Customer Journey? How is it important to SMS Marketing?

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

The phrase "customer journey" should be well-known to many online marketers. It refers to a notion that can help us better understand consumer behavior and modify it for marketing methods that work.

In this article, SMS2PRO will explain what is the Customer Journey? How is it important to your marketing strategy? And how can it be used with SMS Marketing?


What is the Customer Journey?

Customer Journey is a theory that determines the order of consumer behavior in accessing the product or services. It helps marketers see the big picture in product presentation and communicate with consumers at the right place at the right time.

Nowadays, customers have easy access to the online world, thus it is easy for practically everyone to understand digital marketing or online marketing. Consequently, there is much more competition on the market. 

Without a grasp of our own products and the behavior of our target audience, we run the risk of not getting the desired outcomes, wasting our time and money. 

Thus, the customer journey aids in our understanding of client segments. to develop the art of selling that successfully modifies customers' behavior.


imgimgimgcustomer journey and funnel

Picture Reference : https://moosend.com/blog/customer-journey/


The Customer Journey can be divided into 5 major stages as follows:


Awareness is the first stage of the Customer Journey, where consumers are aware of the brand and  the storyboard of the brand that the brand wants to present.

However, before we can utilize such media to promote our products, we must first identify their target market and the most often used platform so that people understand what we are trying to deliver, for instance

  • Post or advertise on Social Media
  • Television commercials
  • Various billboard advertisements
  • Distribution of flyers

Despite the fact that awareness marketing doesn't produce many sales, it is an essential stage that enables target groups to get to know us before turning them into customers in the following stage.



After the target audience is already aware of what we have to offer, consideration is the next stage. They then developed an interest and started doing additional study to decide whether or not to make a decent buy through other methods, like

  • Read reviews on different platforms.
  • Search on Google
  • Compare with other brands with similar products
  • Message me for details.

Therefore, we must prepare to support the actions of the target group, such as preparing a script to answer questions when customers greet us or writing content explaining details and strengths of the product.



Purchase refers to the decision a customer makes to become one of our customers. We can influence them to make a simpler choice by offering them various promotions. 

Additionally, the delivery and service times influences the customer's choice, as well as the payment method itself. Customers might quickly switch to a rival brand if payment is challenging or delivery is delayed. Therefore, it would be wise to keep these conveniences in mind just in case.


Retention (to reuse)

If our goods or services are of high enough quality, customers will be satisfied and want to come back and use our products again, which is known as retention or coming back to use the service again. The higher the chance of retention.

In addition to the quality of the product there are other factors that can convince them to use our services again and again, for example

  • After sales service
  • Promotion for old customers
  • Notifying brand news via SMS or Email

Particularly important is the after-sales experience. Because positive customer interactions will enable them to establish brand loyalty and give them the chance to continually use our services.



Advocacy is similar to a prize for completing the first four levels. The chance to grow our customer base will be greatly increased if we can get customers to use our service until they are satisfied and continue to recommend it to others.

Examples of clients in the Advocacy Stage:

  • Review on Social Media or Pantip
  • Tell your impressions through word of mouth.

Reviews, particularly those from actual users of the product, are crucial. Because consumers will value and trust product reviews from actual customers more than those from influencers. As a result, we should not only work to keep our current clientele, but also to attract new ones.


Customer Journey with SMS Marketing Strategy

For any marketer who is using SMS Marketing as a complement to their marketing strategy, Customer Journey is a great helper, especially in the Retention Stage.

  • Customer Journey with SMS Marketing Strategy
  • For any marketer who is using SMS Marketing as a complement to their marketing strategy, Customer Journey is a great helper, especially in the Retention Stage.


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At this point, everyone should have seen what the Customer Journey is?

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