How to beware of SMS scammers 2022 and not to get hacked via SMS

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Over the past year, many people have seen news of online scammers tricking victims into transferring hundreds of thousands of baht. One of the methods these scammers use to deceive their victims is from SMS sent by mobile phones. In this article, SMS2PRO, SMS Solution experts, will walk you through some of these scammers. including how to protect yourself from being deceived.

Spam SMS


What are SMS scammers and what is their purpose?

SMS scammers literally means SMS sent from malicious people. They usually come in the form of various propaganda messages. In order to attract clicks to links that may be hidden, for example: leading links to the fake website page fraudulently entering personal information and infiltrate your phone with malware to steal personal information or take it to an informal loan website which many people fall for because they are tempted to borrow money easily and not alarmed with the high interest rates.


This type of  information misleads people into giving out private information for financial transactions and once your information is exposed to the frauds they are able to do so much with your information causing crime.

  • ID card number
  • Date of birth
  • Credit card number
  • Password for accessing banking applications and other applications
  • 6-digit OTP code 

Therefore, if someone is tricked into asking for OTP in private, do not tell them!. They often use the trick in advising people that they are from the bank, but the bank never asks OTP from users. Fraudsters will do that to gain access to your bank account and make transactions with your bank account and transfer all your money out of your account.


 SMS scammers come in what form?

Currently, online scammers have many different techniques to deceive victims. The common way is by using SMS. Examples of SMS scamming are as below. 

You are the lucky person to receive a loan from the bank XXXX amount of 200,000 baht. Click now!

  • You have a credit card balance of 100,000 baht, please fill out the payment details!
  • Message from the post office XXXX You have leftover parcels. (Or illegal parcels) Please fill out your details for collection to pay custom tax to receive your parcel.
  • Personal message via SMS claiming to be from the bank or the police department.

There are many other forms of SMS scamming that can be easily observed. Commonly messages that attract us to Click to the Link because they want to elicit information about us.


How to prevent fraud from SMS scammers

Currently, there is still no way to prevent these scammers from sending messages, so the only way is “Do not click on links” that are sent from unknown numbers. Numbers that are not saved in the device or a number that does not show the sender's name. We may not know by clicking on it once, what it will lead to. Incase  if accidentally pressed. You may file a complaint through the Criminal Complaint Centre Tel. 1212



From reading our blog we believe it can help you become more aware for scamming SMS messages

SMS2PRO team does not support the use of illegally SMS messages to deceive personal information for use of any form of violation. We have a safe and secure system that you can trust and be sure that your personal information will not be open to third parties.

Please be aware not  to click into suspicious links to ensure your safety.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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