SMS Marketing Tips for driving customers to click the link

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Are you looking for tips on how to do SMS Marketing? Today we have some simple tips about using SMS service to encourage customers to click join the campaign easily. 

Many people may have tried many methods but have not been successful. We have the following tips to introduce to you below


  1. Choose to send SMS on the appropriate date.

Did you know that for each business, there are different timings for sending and receiving SMS? But if you're still not sure when to send SMS and when is the best time to try. It's recommended that you try the first campaign by sending an SMS message during the morning. Then on the second day, try sending an SMS message during the afternoon and on the third day, try sending an SMS message at noon. After you have tried doing that, then you can evaluate which time is suitable for your business. This will help you analyse the best timing to send out your SMS message to gain the best results.


  1. Sending messages that your clients like

What do you do if you receive a promotional message for a product you don't like? 

I believe that customers will definitely feel the same way as you if they are not interested in the message. They will probably not click the link that is attached to the message and maybe just only read the message and bypass it. 

 The trick is to segment your customers according to their interests to target groups. Doing this procedure will definitely help increase the number of customers to join the campaign.


  1. Enter the name of the customer to attract attention.

This is the highlight of sending SMS. Adding the customer's name to the message will make the customer feel more special about the message. It also means that this message or promotion has been sent specifically to customers. It is also reliable as an SMS OTP service, making it feel safe to use. It is definitely another way to get more customers to click on the link to join the campaign. 

Sending messages without customers' names could give them the impression of receiving a random message which may cause many people to ignore the message.


  1. Choosing to use call-to-action to increase interest.

To make your message more interesting, one thing that will increase the chances of your customers joining your campaign is using a call to action or an interest-driven word like Click! Apply today! Etc. In addition, the use of sentences that express a sense of urgency or have a limited time, such as only the first 10 people or limited stock, etc., is a way to add interest to the message. The more attractive words or phrases you use, the more likely you will get more customers to join your link campaign.


  1. Use short, concise, easy-to-understand messages.

Using short and precise text by using keywords that can be easily understood gains more chances of people reading the message and clicking on the link to open the message. This will target the audience more. Long and detailed messages make messages easily overlooked, and many people choose to ignore the messages.

All of these are tips to increase your chances of getting more customers to join your campaign. Many businesses that choose to use these tips have had a great chance of success. Therefore, if anyone is a newbie Or still clueless about how to motivate and attract customers to join the campaign, you can apply the 5 tips that we recommend to you. We can assure you that your campaign will have a large number of customers joining the campaign continuously. If you already have other tips, you can also apply your tips combined with ours and share your success with us.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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