SMS Marketing Overview

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

SMS is a Marketing communication that effectively reaches consumers as a part of increasing business and competitiveness. Although today's marketing can be done in many forms. But many types of marketing formats still have limitations in reaching the target customers and the cost is quite high. In this generation smartphones play an important role and are part of people's daily life. Marketing with mobile messaging or SMS marketing is therefore a marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs reach their target customers effectively and cost savings, which responds to the current business and competition of SMEs

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What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is sending promotional messages to customers via text messages on their mobile phones, such as promotional offers, public relations, promoting new products, appointment reminders, invitation to join the event or even status delivery update. status and many more


Why use SMS marketing?

  • Many businesses nowadays still overlook SMS marketing. In fact, SMS marketing is a marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs reach their target customers effectively.
  • With a message view rate of up to 98%, you can be confident that your customers will see the messages you send.
  • 90% of mobile phone users who have received SMS privileges feel they are benefited and satisfied.
  • It increases your average website click rate (CTR) by up to 29%, and almost half of the people who click on the link are more likely to purchase a product or service. **CTR depends on the type of business and offer you have. send to**
  • Reduce the cost of advertising or public relations, and save cost with the lowest price starting 0.25 satangper message.


SMS is a profitable marketing channel and a great way to build good relationships with customers. If you are interested in trying it out before you buy, SMS2PRO offers a free 14-day SMS Marketing trial

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Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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