SMS Marketing for health and beauty businesses

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Hello, today SMS2PRO has gathered some great ideas for using SMS Marketing for health and beauty brands. (Health & Wellness) to turn potential buyers into buyers, maintain a customer base and improve customer service 


Turn shoppers who hesitate to buy your products or services into loyal customers.

For choosing the best supplement or trying a healthy alternative product for the first time, most customers need a little help from an expert, whether it helps with clicking to view product details, how to deselect items in the shopping cart or use the auto-reply chat box. Sending SMS with information about the products and how to buy will increase potential buyers into loyal customers. 



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Make impressive product launches and achieve sales goals.

Most SMS recipients are likely to see SMS messages almost as soon as they receive them, making SMS Marketing the perfect channel to announce the latest product launches. Product price reduction and promotions according to festivals or weekend promotions. Message your VIP customers first and give them early access to your products.


SMS for healthcare


Build loyal customers by sending SMS, product information and special offers.

Turn a one-time purchase into a recurring purchase by sending product information and rewards to loyal customers.

Use post-purchase automation to send an SMS giving advice on how to use the product. Go a step further by sending SMS promotions and reminders about your loyalty rewards program.


sms for beauty products


Increase sales by offering products in the same group through SMS Marketing.

Once you know what your customers are buying, you can analyse what kind of products they like and send them SMS offers and complementary products. With SMS2PRO’s SMS delivery service, people can easily segment their customers according to their preferences. Apply for your account today and get a free 14-day SMS credit. 


SMS for beauty products


Interesting information about the health and beauty business

Health and wellness brands have excellent results using SMS Marketing SMS2PRO. Research published in SMS Marketing Results found that:


  • SMS marketing unsubscribe rate

The average SMS Marketing unsubscribe rate among health and beauty brands is as low as 3%. Segmenting and marketing them according to different customer segments leads to a low unsubscribe rate for SMS messages.


  • Click-through rate (CTR Rate)

An average 15.8% click-through rate across all health and wellness brands. SMS Marketing not only increases engagement rate but also increases click-through rate or CTR due to the message seeing rate as high as 98%. This is why the SMS Marketing channel is worth investing in.


  • Earnings per message

SMS Marketing can increase sales per cart from 500 to 2000 THB. Unlock sales with SMS Marketing, one of your highest-earning channels.


Provides interactive SMS Marketing service 2ways or 2ways SMS

Use SMS to chat with customers. Provide support and collect customer feedback directly through messages. Manage text conversations by 2ways SMS with SMS2PRO.


2ways sms example




2ways sms




information request text box


Promote reordering and subscription through SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is also usually used for maintaining a customer base by sending automated SMS for new product orders and renewing subscriptions. Set automatic reorder reminders at appropriate intervals (e.g. 25 days after they purchase consumables).

Beauty products

sms for beauty businesses


Collect customer feedback about the product.

The engagement rate for SMS Marketing is relatively high compared to marketing channels. Knowing this, do you think asking for product reviews via SMS is effective or not?

sms for product review request

How did you find the tip for doing SMS Marketing for business?

Did you gain more ideas from the health and beauty tips to write more promotional messages for your product via SMS? 

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Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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