Which one is the right SMS Gateway provider for your needs?

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

SMS Gateway is a system that allows connecting SMS systems to Network Operators. SMS Gateway enables users to send SMS messages easily transmitted to recipients in each cell-served network.


SMS2PRO is one of the largest SMS service providers in Thailand. Our system is connected directly to all three leading operators in Thailand, such as TruemoveH, DTAC and AIS. Using these largest network providers as our suppliers can guarantee messages will be delivered to customers' phones.

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How does SMS Gateway work?

SMS Gateway works based on the protocol SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) system, which acts as a storage server to send messages to recipients in each network. SMS OTP service is prevalent use the SMS gateway system because recipients do not need the internet to open and read the authentication message via six numbers. The requirement that customers need is a phone signal.


Cloud SMS Gateway is a simple and user-friendly system that makes every use of SMS Gateway easy. Due to the intelligent number filtering that makes every message can be sent to the target audience more efficiently.


Migrating the Server to Cloud provides more stability with low failure cases. We have a large number of users, both domestic and international clients, who are confident in SMS2PRO outstanding service.


Pros of SMS Gateway and SMS2PRO

There are many SMS service providers in the market. Which one is the right one for your needs? SMS2PRO is the leading provider of all-in-one online SMS delivery with a gateway system that can build confidence for all users


Advantages of choosing SMS2PRO 

With a comprehensive SMS delivery system, we have services to support users' business in 5 formats, including SMS marketing (SMSMKT), SMS OTP, Location-Based Marketing, 2ways SMS and SMS tracking.


  • We answer all your questions with professional and experienced 24-hour team support.
  • We are able to evaluate marketing results with real-time reports.
  • We Connect directly with three major network operators in Thailand with the SMS Gateway system.
  • All applications are secured with SSL encryption.
  • Easy to use on every platform and mobile user-friendly.
  • Friendly price, starting as low as 0.18 baht/credit
  • Easy to use with a highly stable API system.


The importance of SMS services is often forgotten because social media has started to play an essential role in the business world. Especially with social media marketing, which is gradually becoming more and more popular. At the same time, marketing strategies through SMS Gateway channels can also help stimulate the interest of the service users as well. With a low cost and an open rate of up to 98%, we want all users to be confident and choose SMS2PRO.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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