How to send SMS via the web? What are the costs?

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

In today's business world, SMS marketing via the web is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. For businesses with a large customer base, it would be very time-consuming if you have to sit and send many messages to each customer one by one.

Therefore, SMS2PRO is an SMS Solution Expert that will recommend a way to send SMS via the web, which saves time in sending multiple SMS numbers at the same time. Let's see how it's done.


How to send an SMS through the web?

Sending SMS via the web requires a platform or program that has different pricing and costs, depending on the service provider. In Thailand, there are approximately 3 major SMS service providers, namely SMSMKT, ThaibulkSMS and SMS2PRO. Besides these providers, SMS service providers in Thailand include Mailbit, Promotech, and Deecommerce. 

Today we are introducing SMS2PRO, a Bulk SMS service provider that allows you to send multiple SMS messages over the web with multiple numbers that are easily at your fingertips. SMS2PRO's Bulk SMS price starts at only 0.18 baht per message!


What are the benefits of sending SMS with SMS2PRO?

SMS2PRO is a professional SMS solution provider with various functions that will make it easy to send SMS via the web at competitive prices.


Starting price for sending SMS starts at 0.18 baht per message, and there is a free trial available.

The average price of sending SMS via the web costs approximately 1-2 baht, depending on the network. For sending SMS via the web with SMS2PRO, the price starts from 0.18 baht per message only!

We only charge for SMS that is successfully sent and are able to refund credit in case of a system error, which is worry-free for users. Other than in the event that the customer blocks the number, turns off the phone, or cannot be sent because it is outside the cellular network

SMS2PRO offers a trial service of sending SMS via the web at no cost. You can apply for a 14-day free trial membership on the SMS2PRO website at >>>


The benefit is to customise your own sender name to create a professional image and Increase the credibility of the business.

Many online criminals send SMS to deceive consumers, which may lack credibility. There is a very high chance that customers will not be interested in the information sent out to them.

But sending SMS via SMS2PRO can customise the sender name (Sender Name), which helps the recipient acknowledge where the message is sent from. It is one of the aids in building credibility for the brand, which will also increase the chances of generating more engagement than sending regular SMS.


Real-time SMS status checking report available

For new users that have just started to use SMS Marketing strategies in their business, we have a platform that allows you to clearly check the status of sent messages. This will allow you to easily analyse that information and build on your future marketing plans.


If interested, you can contact SMS2PRO at?

For those who are interested in sending SMS via SMS2PRO's website, you can contact us for a consultation or ask for more details at


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or Line ID: @SMS2PRO (with @)

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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