Popular SMS services in the era of modern technology

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

No matter how advanced technology has improved. Long distance Communication can become close communication with the development of a good and modern system. 

But did you know that the SMS service is still very popular? Because sending messages to the recipient destination, whether it's just one recipient or more than one recipient, everyone will receive clear and consistent information or news. Along with receiving news in a short time as well. Let's see if Why texting is so popular until now?

Good feedback on the popularity of SMS messaging still exists. 


As the internet system has  developed into an advanced communication way until it is being used as video calls but still sms messaging is still a very common way for communication. If you are curious about this, then let's take a look at the reasons for this form of messaging service. Why is it popular?

  1. Sending sms messages in short time

SMS is a form of text message that the sender wants to send to the recipient at a fast pace.To make sure the SMS message is short and clear. This form of messaging is still popular despite the advancements in technology, and it only takes a few seconds to send a sms message to reach the recipient.


  1. Send Bulk SMS at a time.

Sending bulk sms messages can help you send multiple messages in one click to save you time doing other activities.


  1. Sending messages in low cost

Did you know that sending sms messages apart from using sms as a way of communication, it is also used for marketing channels.  SMS is still very commonly used for communication and marketing as it only takes a short amount of time sending multiple messages and receiving messages. 


How many types of sms services are there?

Let's take a look at the messaging services that are still popular in the industry, along with the services that many people may not yet know are available. Let's see what kind of services are there?


  1. Deliver  Business Marketing Information Service

Service in sending Business Marketing messages known as SMS Marketing. SMS marketing sends information related to business operations in various forms, including food businesses, trading business, online businesses and many more.  

SMS marketing focuses on sending a large amount of messages to the recipients. The type of message is short content message and this service is still commonly used.


2.Service of sending text messages in form of numbers or codes

The service called SMS OTP is a service that is commonly used in the market for receiving sms form in digits for logging into accounts online for various platforms or to access any form of important information. This service is used for double security log in to ensure safety of the users when logging in any account. This service is considered another form of service. It is still popular as before and is a service in the field of communication technology

Whether what type of service you may need for your business, we may advise what is suitable for your business. This is considered to be a communication way that is convenient, fast, in a short time and the most  important is there is no need to have an internet system to send a message.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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