How to send Bulk SMS for online marketing without disturbing customers

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Many people may not know what bulk SMS is before talking about how to send Bulk SMS to online marketing. In order not to disturb customers, SMS2PRO would like to briefly explain the meaning of Bulk SMS so that readers can understand the content of this article more clearly.


Bulk SMS is the sending of a large number of SMS or text messages on a mobile phone at one time. Currently, there are 3 major SMS businesses that provide bulk SMS services in Thailand, called ThaiBulkSMS, SMSMKT and SMS2PRO. These are platform providers used to send bulk SMS or send SMS via the web and the most common bulk SMS sending in the SMS Marketing industry. Also known as bulk SMS Marketing, bulk SMS is a method that many people choose to do online marketing. However, sending too many bulk SMS can become disturbing to customers. So how should we send bulk SMS so that the customers do not feel disturbed? We can recommend how to create SMS Bulk impressions instead and increase your chances of making sales.


How to send bulk SMS reminders without disturbing  

To make sure that Bulk SMS is a message that doesn't distract customers, it must be transmitted only sometimes. It could give the impression of the SMS being spam SMS, which could cause the customer to block the sender.

The content should contain important things that need to be conveyed as well, such as informing various news sources, inviting you to join in the fun with the campaign or advising what promotions are going on so that customers can join in on the fun of your campaign. 


Tips for sending Bulk SMS to impress customers 

Ways of outstanding Bulk SMS to customers and immediately get the wow! impression right away. The most common attractive SMS are SMS such as promotions, discounts, and launching or introducing new products. The text must be eye-catching, attractive and modern for the customers to want to read the SMS further. Remember, nowadays, smartphones preview all messages before opening the actual message, so if the SMS is eye-catching, it will be opened and read.


Make it easier to send Bulk SMS by using the service with SMS2PRO.

Sending Bulk SMS may seem like a difficult task for some people. SMS2PRO will make it easier to send Bulk SMS to your customers and will be very effective. It will help you to easily reach the desired audience and improve sales. We also offer a full range of other services, including building credibility for businesses with SMS OTP that require two-step verification for more safety of use and to ensure customers' trust to use the service. 

We offer the cheapest Bulk SMS package to suit your needs. For anyone who can't imagine how to send Bulk SMS, try using the Bulk SMS sending service with SMS2PRO and make life easier.


A Professional team ready to provide professional Bulk SMS service.

SMS2PRO has a highly professional team to assist you, starting from creating content, guiding you on how to send Bulk SMS , and providing real-time reports on SMS results.


Benefits of using Bulk SMS with SMS2PRO

  • We have a 24/7 Support team to assist you when you need help ensuring customer satisfaction service.
  • We connect users directly to ensure the understanding of our services to customers and directly to gain accurate and consistent information.
  • Our service is convenient and easy to use through many channels because our Bulk SMS sending service is not only a fast and concise service, our Bulk SMS service is also confirmed to be delivered directly to the recipients.
  • Our service is high security and safe and easy to access recipients, ensuring all customer information will be confidential.
  • We provide real-time reporting of Bulk SMS delivery results, where you will be able to check anywhere and anytime.


Sending Bulk SMS , if sending too much or too often, can be disturbing to customers. So it's best to send it in moderation. Using service with SMS2PRO, we have a team that can advise and introduce ways of sending SMS, ensuring customer and client satisfaction.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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