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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

      Welcome to the SMS2PRO Platform Website Terms of Service, encompassing the websites or web pages operated under EXP System Company Limited. We sincerely appreciate your trust in choosing our services in the past. Additionally, we have terms and conditions governing various services. Users are expected to acknowledge, accept, and strictly adhere to all conditions while using our services during their engagement. Understanding these terms is pivotal, as the use of our service signifies the user's acceptance of these terms.

      SMS2PRO collectively refers to www.sms2pro.com, us, the service provider, the website platform, the website, the domain sms2pro.com, the brand name, and the brand registered under EXP System Co., Ltd. EXP System Co., Ltd. collectively represents the company, the main business registration entity, and all websites and web pages operated by the Company under the 'sms2pro' domain. Terms and conditions of service use collectively encompass all terms and conditions governing the provision of services, including the 'Agreement,' 'Guidelines,' 'Practices,' 'Policies,' and other similar terms specified on the SMS2PRO website. These terms are applicable throughout the period of usage on the website. SMS2PRO, System Terms and Conditions collectively encompass the Software, Software Architecture, and Service Source Code, which include all of SMS2PRO's various services. Users of SMS2PRO collectively represent the users, customers, account holders, and individuals who utilize the system or website under the domain sms2pro.com. Account collectively refers to the main account, child account, and accounts used for logging in and managing various aspects of the system.

  • The main account is the initial login account created for system use, capable of managing payment formats and creating and managing child accounts.
  • Child accounts are those created by the main account, authorized to use the system. The term 'virtual currency' collectively refers to the currency which users can utilize for sending messages within the SMS2PRO system, and it cannot be exchanged.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

      The usage of our website, www.sms2pro.com, establishes a legal obligation and contract, as per the specified requirements and conditions. If you choose not to agree with the terms and conditions of service use for all of SMS2PRO, kindly refrain from accessing the website, www.sms2pro.com, and abstain from utilizing any online services provided therein. However, should you continue to use the website, the company will presume your acceptance and commitment to adhere to all the terms and conditions outlined for the said service.

Modifications to Service Terms and Conditions

      SMS2PRO retains the authority to revise or alter any terms and conditions presented on the SMS2PRO website, encompassing those explicitly outlined on the site. It is your responsibility to routinely review the terms and conditions, which may be subject to periodic adjustments, including any supplementary terms delineated on a specific SMS2PRO website. By continuing to use the SMS2PRO website, you acknowledge your agreement and commitment to comply with all the terms and conditions contained herein, as well as any subsequent amendments, additions, or modifications.

Age Eligibility

      Users must be either 20 years of age or older, or 13 years of age or older with parental or guardian consent. These requirements place responsibilities on parents or guardians, who are accountable for any activities conducted through the SMS2PRO system by their children.

Account Requirements

  • Upon registration, users must provide accurate and complete information about themselves to establish a login account. It is essential for users to maintain the accuracy of this information throughout their usage of the service.
  • Users are responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of their account name and password, and we urge users to create a highly secure and non-reusable password.
  • SMS2PRO is not liable for any losses or consequential damages resulting from stolen or compromised passwords, even if users have notified us.
  • Users are accountable for their actions using their primary login account within the SMS2PRO system, including any activities of child accounts created under their parent account.
  • Each account (both main and child accounts) is exclusively for the use and ownership of the account holder.
  • Transferring or lending accounts to third parties, or allowing third parties to inherit accounts, is strictly prohibited. SMS2PRO reserves the right to suspend or delete a user's account without prior notice if we observe any violations or breaches of the terms and conditions.
  • The user's access to the Services terminates upon the deletion of their account, regardless of the reason.
  • Accounts cannot be restored, even if a user accidentally deletes their account via SMS2PRO. SMS2PRO is not liable for any direct, indirect, or special damages, including ongoing damages, despite a user's prior registration for the service. Users have the option to delete their account whenever they no longer intend to use the service.

Terms of Use

Users are obliged to adhere strictly to these guidelines at all times when utilizing SMS2PRO's services:

  • Do not send messages or engage in activities that disrespect the monarchy.
  • Do not send messages or partake in activities that harm or degrade the monarchy.
  • Do not send messages or conduct activities that undermine the nation or cause harm.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities that insult individuals, outsiders, or any groups.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities likely to cause annoyance to recipients or others.
  • Do not disseminate false messages or information that may harm individuals or the company.
  • Do not transmit false messages or distort information, including data that may lead to misunderstandings.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities that violate the law.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities contrary to public order or moral standards.
  • Do not send messages or conduct activities that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, reputations, privacy, and other rights held by the company and/or third parties as provided by law or contract.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities that display or forward violent or sexual content, incite discrimination based on race, nationality, belief, gender, social status, family origin, or other factors, promote self-harm, drug abuse, or anti-social behaviors, contain anti-social content, or make others uncomfortable.
  • Do not send messages or engage in obscene, lewd, or sexually violent activities.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities related to religious practices or invitations to join religious groups.
  • Do not send messages or engage in fraudulent, concealed, non-transparent, or unfair activities that are not in the best interest of others.
  • Do not send messages or engage in activities that incite, promote, taunt, provoke, or encourage actions causing serious harm to individuals or the nation.
  • Do not send messages or conduct activities that are threatening, deceptive, coercive, or otherwise illegal, causing inconvenience to others.

Credit and Payment Terms

  • Upon initial membership application, the user (main account) must order the initial package according to their usage requirements to gain access to the SMS2PRO system. Once the user has completed the package purchase, the company reserves the right to modify, cancel, or refund it under any circumstances.
  • Users can select and purchase their desired package through the package order page on our website or by contacting us via various channels exclusively belonging to SMS2PRO. These channels include the 'Contact us' page, email, LINE Official ID: @SMS2PRO, and Facebook: sms2pro If the user places an order through channels other than those officially announced by SMS2PRO, the company shall not be held responsible for any resulting damages.
  • Child accounts created under the parent account are unable to make their own package purchases. Credits and permissions are provided solely by the main account.
  • When a child account is deleted, all usage and personal information associated with that child account will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered. Any remaining credit will be returned to the main account but cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for cash.
  •  In the event of a primary account deletion, all usage data, personal information, payment data, child accounts (under the main account), usage data, and personal information of child accounts (under the main account), and credit balance (both main and child accounts) will be permanently deleted.These assets cannot be retrieved, recovered, or refunded under any circumstances, whether initiated by the user or not. Users should exercise caution when requesting account deletions, as they are responsible for the resulting actions and damages. SMS2PRO assumes no responsibility for any subsequent events.
  • The company reserves the right to modify the price per credit, package price, or promotions in the future without prior notice.
  • We maintain the discretion to exchange, refund, or compare the current price with future promotions, and under no circumstances can these be exchanged, refunded, averaged, or added as credit according to any promotion.The available credit in parent and child accounts cannot be refunded under any circumstances and cannot be used for any other purposes.

Sender Name Requirements (Sender Name)

  • The default sender name for all accounts is SMS2PRO, and it cannot be altered.
  • The company may investigate the usage of sender names and address any complaints regarding sender names that are believed to be misused or in violation of any terms of use.
  • The company reserves the right to take appropriate action with regard to sender names without prior notification to the user, and it will not be held responsible for any resulting damages.
  • Sender names must meet the following criteria:
  • Must consist not more than 11 characters.
  • Must include only English letters (A-Z) or numbers (0-9); Thai or other languages are not permitted.
  • Must not contain spaces.
  • Must not incorporate special characters in the sender name.
  • When using a whitelisted sender's name, users are prohibited from sending marketing, promotional, disruptive, harassing, or non-consensual messages from that sender's name. In cases where a user violates these regulations or receives complaints from others, the company reserves the right to suspend the use of the sender name as it deems appropriate.

" The company retains the right to request the sender's name in accordance with its own rules and discretion. "

Responsibility Requirements

      The SMS2PRO team dedicates extensive effort to ideation, method selection, and technology choices in the development of our system. We strive to provide the highest level of stability and reliability in our products. However, it is essential to acknowledge that we cannot anticipate when problems or defects may occur in our system. We cannot guarantee that our content and systems are entirely comprehensive, nor can we guarantee that the product will operate without interruptions, delays, or potential vulnerabilities that could lead to computer attacks or hacking. Beyond this, we are not liable for any loss of profit, income, or data experienced by users, including damages arising from direct, indirect, special, contractual breaches, ongoing, punitive, or incidental damages caused by the system or in connection with these Terms or SMS2PRO-affiliated products (both online and offline). This applies even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damage.

User Responsibility Requirements

      Whenever users utilize SMS2PRO's services, they accept full responsibility for all associated risks and are solely accountable for any consequences arising from their use of SMS2PRO's services.

      The user bears responsibility for any information entered into the SMS2PRO system, including text, letters, data, images, and videos. Users must ensure that the content they enter into the SMS2PRO system does not harm others, violate any laws, infringe upon copyrights, cause distress to others, or contravene any legal regulations. In the event of loss, damage, or incurred expenses by the company, including attorney fees, whether directly or indirectly (including cases where a third party files a lawsuit against the company), due to the user's violation or breach of relevant laws or terms and conditions while using the service, the user is obligated to promptly compensate the company for such damages upon the company's request.

      The company is authorized to review the specifics of user content, information, characters, images, videos, or activities and employ measures deemed necessary and appropriate if it becomes aware of any user employing the Service in violation of the Terms and Conditions or in an illegal manner. The company reserves the right to take action as it deems fit without prior notice, and it will not be held accountable for rectifying or preventing such violations by users or other individuals.

Copyright Terms

      SMS2PRO grants users permission to use the SMS2PRO software system as a component of the Service, which is owned by the company and encompasses copyright and intellectual property rights. This includes software, various content, articles, images, videos, designs, source code, or other electronic data. Users are prohibited from copying, reproducing, adapting, publishing, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, renting, or creating derivative works based on our Services or Software. Furthermore, users may not attempt to reverse engineer or extract our source code unless they have obtained written permission from us or it is allowed by applicable law.

      These terms and conditions of website use are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand, and any disputes arising from them will fall under the jurisdiction of Thai courts. By entering into this agreement or using the SMS2PRO website, you confirm that you have read and comprehended all the aforementioned terms and conditions from the outset, and you agree to comply with these terms and conditions in their entirety.

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SMS2PRO has received certification from government agencies such as the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to operate as a Short Message Service (SMS) provider in Thailand.
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