Better communication and delivering a Great Experience to Customers
Position your brand at the top of customers’ minds with SMS OTP

SMS2PRO can help reaching to your target audience better at fingertips

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SMS MARKETING A powerful marketing tool at pocket-friendly prices

Have you ever known that SMS marketing has existed for over 20 years? Despite being a senior of most marketing tools, SMS marketing is now widely used than ever and gaining popularity day by day. It allows businesses to deliver customers a great experience and build a good relationship with them by updating them

Why should SMS2PRO be your first choice for SMS marketing?

24/7 support team

We are capable of driving the success of your business. Our support team can advise and assist you with any issues.

Reaching over 100K customers

Enhance the effectiveness in your business with the power of technology that helps you communicate and delivery a great experience to many customers with a single click.

Real-time reporting

We provide real-time reports for messaging results Which will effectively help with your marketing plan effectively.

Beginners can run a business like a pro

With our feasible system and website layout, you can send SMS via our website quickly, you can quickly send SMS via our website even you have no knowledge about this before. This gives you more time left to do other things.

Messages are sent in 1 sec

Improve your customer communication like a pro by reaching customers in 1 sec with our service.

Sending every language in the world

Our SMS gateway is directly connected to the 3 biggest network operators in Thailand, which can support messaging in over 220 languages worldwide.

Personalized messaging

Our services meet all business needs. Users can choose to send messages to individuals or groups of customers. You can be sure that the messages will be directly delivered to your prospects.


allows you to communicate better with your customers
and optimize your marketing effectiveness

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Why should you use SMS MKT

Accurately capture thetarget audience


Build customer loyalty

2 l

Boost sales

5 l

Affordable prices

3 l

Increase Click-Through Rate
(CTR) for URL by up to 19%

6 l

Real-time reporting

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