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Welcome to the website platform SMS2PRO under the operation of EXP System Company Limited. SMS2PRO is very aware of the protection of your personal information. to be in accordance with international standards when you start using the service our website We have therefore developed this privacy policy. to describe the type of data that we collect, store and process ready to give you the right to manage personal information In order to comply with the law, the protection policy Personal Data “GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)” on measures to protect personal data privacy taking into account the privacy rights of the data subject from the design stage until the entire subsequent processhttps

1. client.policy.subject-1 Privacy data means any information, whether recorded in documented form or not, where the identity of an individual is clear or can be reasonably and honestly identifiable. by the holder in possession of the information or in combination with other information directly and clearly identifiable

1.1 Personal information that EXP System Co., Ltd. collects from you
1.1.1 Name
1.1.2 Last name
1.1.3 Email
1.1.4 Phone number
1.2 Information for issuing receipts or tax invoices for individuals and juristic persons
1.2.1 Name* (Individual)
1.2.2 Last Name* (Individual)
1.2.3 Identification Number* (Individual)
1.2.4 Company Name (Juristic Person)
1.2.5 Contact Name (Juristic Person)
1.2.6 Taxpayer Identification Number (Juristic Person)
1.2.7 Address* (Personal/Juristic Person)
1.2.8 Telephone Number* (Personal/Juristic Person)
1.2.9 Email* (Individual/Juristic Person)
1.3 Financial account information such as bank account and payment details.
1.4 Transaction information, details about payments made by you and details of orders you have purchased from the Company.

2. Use of personal information

2.1 SMS2PRO will use your personal information only as necessary, such as your name and address, for contacting, providing services. public relations or provide information including surveying your opinions
2.2 To facilitate the use of the Service and access to the Platform
2.3 To process your order through the Platform
2.4 Payment of the services you pay through the Platform.
2.5 To verify transactions made on the Platform
2.6 to issue documents such as receipts, tax invoices
2.7 To submit documents such as receipts, tax invoices
2.8 To improve the layout or content of the website and modify it for users.
2.9 To conduct in-house research on user data and behavior
2.10 To offer information that the Company deems useful or that you request from the Company, including information about the service.

3. Disclosure of personal information

3.1 SMS2PRO will maintain your personal information. as well as your usage data without disclosing to third parties for the benefit of business absolutely
3.2 SMS2PRO will consider disclosure requests if applicable by law.

4. Retention of personal information

4.1 Restricting access to personal data to those who wish to access it
4.2 The Company keeps your personal data for as long as necessary. or by law or as much as It is necessary for the purpose for which the information was kept.
4.2 There is a system to prevent unauthorized access to information from outsiders.
4.2 Use 256-bit SSL (Encryption Lock) when processing data.
4.2 If you believe that your privacy has been violated by SMS2PRO, please contact our staff to protect your privacy. The purpose of our privacy policy is to protect your personal information, however, SMS2PRO reserves the right to change our privacy policy. without prior notice

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