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Privacy Policy

            Welcome to the SMS2PRO platform website operated by XP Systems Company Limited. We prioritize the protection of your personal information and adhere to international standards when you use our website. To ensure compliance with data protection regulations, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we have developed this privacy policy. This policy outlines the collection, storage, processing, and management of personal information, with a strong emphasis on safeguarding your privacy rights from the initial design stage through all subsequent processes.

1.Privacy Information

Privacy information refers to any data, whether documented or not, where a person's identity is readily identifiable either on its own or when combined with other directly discernible information.

     1.1 Personal Information Collected by SMS2PRO
         1.1.1 First Name
         1.1.2 Last Name
         1.1.3 Email Address
         1.1.4 Phone Number
     1.2 Information Pertaining to Issuing Receipts or Tax Invoices for Individuals and Legal Entities
         1.2.1 First Name* (Individual)
         1.2.2 Last Name* (Individual)
         1.2.3 National Identification Number* (Individual)
         1.2.4 Company Name (Legal Entity)
         1.2.5 Contact Name (Legal Entity)
         1.2.6 Tax ID (Juristic Person)
         1.2.7 Address* (Individual/Legal Entity)
         1.2.8 Phone Number* (Personal/Corporate Entity)
         1.2.9 Email* (Individual/Legal Entity)
     1.3 Financial Account Information This includes details related to bank accounts and payment methods.
     1.4 Transaction Information This comprises information about your payments and the specifics of any orders you make with the company.

2. Utilization of Personal Data

     2.1 SMS2PRO will utilize your personal information, including your name and address, only as necessary. This includes contacting you, providing services, engaging in public relations, and furnishing information, including surveys of your opinions.
     2.2 It is used to facilitate the utilization of services and access to the platform.
     2.3 Personal information is processed for the completion of your orders through the Platform.
     2.4 It aids in the payment of service fees made through the Platform.
     2.5 Personal information is employed to verify transactions conducted on the platform.
     2.6 It is utilized for generating documents such as receipts and tax invoices.
     2.7 It is involved in the submission of documents such as receipts and tax invoices.
     2.8 Personal information contributes to the enhancement of the website's layout and content for user benefit.
     2.9 It is used to conduct internal research on user data and behavior.
     2.10 Personal information serves to provide information that the Company deems useful or that you specifically request, including information about the services.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information

     3.1 SMS2PRO is committed to safeguarding your personal information and will not share your usage data with third parties, ensuring the business's best interests.
     3.2 SMS2PRO will comply with requests for disclosure when mandated by law.

4. Information Retention

     4.1 Access to personal information is restricted to authorized individuals.
     4.2 The Company will retain your personal information for the duration necessitated by law or for the purposes of data collection maintenance.
     4.3 Measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to information from external sources.
     4.4 Data processing employs 256-bit SSL (Encryption Lock) for security.
     4.5 If you believe your privacy has been violated by SMS2PRO, please contact our staff for assistance in protecting your privacy. While our privacy policy aims to protect your personal information, SMS2PRO reserves the right to modify the policy without prior notice.

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SMS2PRO has received certification from government agencies such as the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to operate as a Short Message Service (SMS) provider in Thailand.
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