7 Strategies for How to Write a Call-to-Action to Make People Want to Click

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

Offering special deals and promotions may not be enough if you do not have a call-to-action word for your targets . Using attractive words in marketing can help motivate readers to make an immediate decision, such as clicking a button, calling for a free consultation or free trial. These actions increase the likelihood of  "potential customers" or potential customers becoming "customers" who actually buy products or services.

Before introducing the Call-to-Action strategy Let's get to know the meaning of Call-to-Action


What is Call-to-Action?

Call-to-Action is a way to stimulate a targeted audience to read and  prompt them to do something immediately as part of your marketing.  After reading the ad content about the product on your website page or landing page, an example of a call to action is “Buy Now!”.

The more CTAs you can provide to your potential customers. The higher the chance that they will immediately decide to take action, such as the introduction of price details or packages, along with inserting Call-to-Action “Buy Now!” Providing this information lets readers know what happens when they click on that button.

How to get the most results with SMS2PRO 7 Call-to-Action Strategies today.

  1. Use more then one Call-to-Action words

Call-to-Action Words are most often found in the footer of marketing content, (whether its email, website or blog) such as “Contact us today for more information” as this Call-to-Action. For example using the word Call-to-Action as in the example above, it's simple to insert CTAs into your content at least once to tell readers what to do next to increase the opportunity Call-to-Action to become more effective


  1. The right place to put Call-to-Action

Top Fold: For the first half of the home page of the website, whether it could be the first homepage, the sales page or blog page you may insert CTA. By doing this it's called “top fold”. The term "top fold" originated in the newspaper industry, where the most important news and headlines are at the top of the page. This becomes visible when the paper is folded and stacked for sale. Placing the CTA on the “top fold” means placing the CTA where it is immediately visible without scrolling.


Top or Bottom of a Page: Using a Call-to-Action button, such as the "Get started" or "Learn More" button at the top or bottom of a page, can encourage or trigger for readers to click to take action immediately.


Side or margin of the page: You can include a signup button or offers on the side of your content. which the reader will be able to see throughout the scroll up and down while reading your content.


Position Above Footer: Adding the CTA at the end of the page if they have read to the end of the page. That means they are interested in your content so you can insert a Call-to-Action Below content like "Contact Us Now!" "Get a Free Consultation", "Free Trial" or "View Packages and Pricing" gives readers more chances to click because they've just finished reading. And that information is still fresh.


  1. How to know when using too much Call-to-Action

Although the strategy is to use  Call-to-Action more than one point to increase the chances for the readers to take action immediately, be mindful not to overdo the Call-to-Action. It can make website visitors feel that your content is unnatural, hard sell, insincere, and if all CTAs are different, it can confuse readers.


  1. Explain the offer clearly.

Tell your customers exactly what they will get when they click the button. Using the Call-to-Action words like "Get a Consultation About Your Business Now",  make sure it is clear and precise such as Offline or online marketing, Working Processes, or Technical Sales, etc., and the advice readers will receive when they click on the button and how it will help readers fix their problems?

Compelling content is a powerful marketing tool but you must ensure that the content isn't explicitly stated for readers. It should be clear and correct information that can answer readers' questions about the information that they are looking for without having to click into many steps to find the information. This saves time and will not cause confusion for readers to access what they are looking for. By clicking into too many steps can make the readers lose interest in your website and could create a bad image and experience for your readers.


  1. Make Your Call-to-Action Easy to Find

Hidden or rare CTAs won't benefit your business or your potential customers. Make sure your CTA is easy to find and eye catching on the page layout, for example, include a "call now" button next to a phone number. So readers can press call or contact you immediately. Don't hide them on small pages that require readers to search multiple times.

Simple Summary 

- Place the CTA in a prominent position on the page for easy and quick visibility.

- Insert a frame or button that is large enough to be easily noticed.

- Use contrasting colours that make your buttons and other CTA elements stand out from the background of the page.

- Include all relevant information in the CTA or next to it, such as phone numbers and emails.


  1. Prioritise Your Call-to-Action

Remember that not all CTAs have the same priority.  CTAs that encourage customers to "Buy Now!" will have a higher priority than other CTAs. Make sure that the highest-priority CTA is noticed first by readers.


  1. Use a CTA that is consistent with the information presented.

Call-to-action should be consistent with the content you're presenting, e.g. After you have provided information about the service describing what you will do and what customers will get from your service. You may include an email box below with the message like "Let us help you analyse your business marketing strategy” or  “Enter your email address and a representative will contact you within 24 hours" along with a "send email" button below”.

Having only the “send email” button without any information about your services or what you will receive when entering an email. The potential customer won't be encouraged to take any further steps because this won't attract them into filling out their details.


Warning!! If the attractive words  that trigger to click  is a file download, while reading an article that is in blog form. Once the reader clicks this will change the subject of the page and could lead to a confusion for the reader. For example, if you're writing a blog post about 22 Automotive Marketing Techniques, don't include a Automotive Trading CTA in the article.

As buyers turn to the Internet to educate themselves more. Thus, the company's website has become the most important asset to attract attention, generate leads, attract potential customers and buyers. The most effective way  to gain potential customers from using CTA on the company website.

Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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