6 Ways of Marketing via SMS Marketing

Chomarey Sutthisuwan

When it comes to SMS marketing, many people may not imagine how it works. A text message will be sent to the customer with a maximum limit of 576 characters per message or able to send large quantities of customised SMS messages at the same time in one click. It's essential to focus on the details in sending for SMS marketing to avoid customers having a negative impact on SMS marketing if the details are not clear, precise and easy to understand. This may cause an impact on the company's branding image.

Introducing six examples of SMS marketing approaches to what kinds of messages you can send to create real value for customers


a text message or sms pops up from phone

1. SMS Marketing: welcome offer

SMS marketing may offer subscription incentives to your customers by sending a discount code or link via SMS. For further details and information, you can also send an email and attach pictures with more information. 


2. SMS marketing format with special offers at the specified time.

SMS marketing is an exceptional marketing tool to reach out to your customers directly. Offering special promotions and incentives and other broadcast information and updates regarding your business. It is convenient for setting customised times and dates for the SMS to launch and reach out to your customers.


3. SMS marketing: order confirmation and delivery updates

Order confirmation and delivery updates via SMS are another successful marketing campaign. Your customers don't have to worry about checking their emails to make sure the order has been placed. This adds transparency to the ordering and shipping process. And it also makes customers feel more comfortable with the brand. This is a psychological factor or impact on sensitive customers.


4. SMS marketing, customer service model

SMS marketing is not only used to only drive sales. SMS marketing is also commonly used for broadcasting short messages to customers and sending important announcements. 

For example, a shop announcement to remind members via SMS that the new stock has just been sold out or is limited, etc. SMS is a more intimate channel to explain the delay and show the human side behind the brand. 

SMS can be used as an opportunity to make your communication more direct, and SMS conversations are an opportunity to build deeper relationships.


5. SMS marketing format, update current events.

For example, if your store or business will be closed for three days due to renovations or in the event that your website will be closed for renovations, You can then send an SMS to inform customers. Customers will have peace of mind and understand why your website is closed, or your store is closed on days that are not normally closed days, etc.


6. SMS marketing format creates awareness of special occasions.

Sending SMS shows your customers that they are important by remembering important occasions such as a customer's birthday or one-year anniversary as a member. Offers can be sent directly in your SMS messages, or you can use SMS to check your email for special gifts. Use SMS marketing to make your members' special days even more special.


If you would like to use SMS marketing to increase sales along with other forms of marketing, whether it is marketing via other social media platforms for marketing campaigns. You may need an expert in this field to give you advice regarding your marketing options.

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Chomarey Sutthisuwan
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